Olivia Culver

Iā€™m a self-taught web developer and digital marketing specialist. I'm also a bootcamp coding instructor. Thanks to my work experience, my relentless tenacity to learn and grow, and the wealth of resources available online I have developed a wide range of skills and gained knowledge in web development and digital marketing. Specifically, I have created websites from scratch and with WordPress, Shopify, and site builders like Wix and GoDaddy. I employ intelligent design concepts and best practices for accessibility, user experience, and clarity in my web design. In addition, I have created successful digital marketing campaigns using email, social media, and website promotions to achieve exceptional ROIs.

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Olivia Culver

Phrase Hunter

A word phrase guessing game using object oriented JavaScript. Challenges included programming the game logic to check for a win, allowing input from the user's computer keyboard, not just the onscreen keyboard, and resetting the game after a game is over and the user presses 'New Game' on the game over screen. This project was created as part of the Treehouse FSJS Techdegree.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
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