Olivia Culver

Iā€™m a self-taught web developer and digital marketing specialist. I'm also a bootcamp coding instructor. Thanks to my work experience, my relentless tenacity to learn and grow, and the wealth of resources available online I have developed a wide range of skills and gained knowledge in web development and digital marketing. Specifically, I have created websites from scratch and with WordPress, Shopify, and site builders like Wix and GoDaddy. I employ intelligent design concepts and best practices for accessibility, user experience, and clarity in my web design. In addition, I have created successful digital marketing campaigns using email, social media, and website promotions to achieve exceptional ROIs.

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Olivia Culver

Interactive Full Stack Conf Form

An interactive form for a fictional conference that uses jQuery to alert users to errors upon submission and changes which elements are displayed on the page based on user selections. Using regular expressions the name, email, activity, and credit card fields show an error message upon submission if the value isn't in the correct form. For the job role and t-shirt design sections, additional elements appear based on the user's selection. If JavaScript is disabled these elements won't be hidden. This project was created as part of the Treehouse FSJS Techdegree.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
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